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Northcoast Band of BROTHERS
Igniting A Revolution In Ministry For Men
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    We are a group of "Christ Followers" with a passion to assist churches in the development of real and authentic "Mission Driven Ministry for Men"! We have seen thousands of men impacted at many catalytic events like Promise Keepers only to return to their local churches who for the most part were not ready to handle the returning men and get them into the discipleship process. In essense, men went to these events and learned they were sick. We knew the medicine was Jesus, we just did not have the distribution system in place. That distribution system is the local church!  We are excited to see so many churches now focusing more on ministry to men.

       We continued trying to make a difference in 2001 when we developed a conference follow-up plan for Promise Keepers. We partitioned Ohio up into 15 zones using zipcodes as the vehicle. We then recruited leaders in each of the 15 zones to lead the follow-up activities in their respective zones. As a result of this activity, we formed a 501C3 ministry called "Ohio Men of Integrity". Just as God is reawakening Promise  Keepers, He is also reawakening Ohio Men of Integrity. Click on the OMI button for addition  information on Ohio Men of Integrity.

In 2008, Now as as the Northcoast Band of Brothers, and assisted by represenatives of CRU, we developed a comprehensive and systematic follow-up plan for the Cleveland/NE Ohio PROMISE KEEPERS conference in 2008. The plan we developed was also adopted by our counterparts in Charleston West Virginia for their PK Conference. We recruited nearly 40 churches in and adjacent to Ohio, all using the same tool, "Foundations" developed by CRU. God is on the move and we just don't want to miss being a part.

Our secondary mission is to assist in the "John 17 Movement"!
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