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Mission Driven Ministry for Men

Battle Preparation: The most overlooked and undervalued foundational component of a transformative, Mission Driven Ministry for Men! When we start off on any improvement opportunity, it is as if we were sharpening our "battle Swords"! We are in affect improving our war waging effectiveness. It is for this very reason that we absoultely must assure that we have, we will improve or we will start a daily devotional time in order to keep ourselves tuned in to what the Holy Spirit would have for us. We must as well have a strong prayer life for ourselves, family, pastor and the Men's Ministry Team! We must have Godly men "flying cover for us" in prayer! Lastly, we must detox our lives of anything that might hinder us in our new quest.
Discipleship Focus: Every effort or event we plan absolutely must have as a mission or goal to lead another to Christ if he does not already have a personal relationship with him, or into a deepening relationship if he does. We suggest in this section  the necessity to  gain a skill of determining the depth of another mans spititual maturity. You then will have a strategy in place to assist him in growing to the next level. We suggest  using a "Blueprint for Discipleship". During this phase of "MDMM" training, a particpant will also gain the knowledge to properly select tools or curreculim that will aid in the discipleship process of another individual. We suggest that once a pastor selects his men's leaders, that they start this advanced discipleship training process themselves.
Leadership Structure: Our foundational section on leadership structure will touch on the roles to be filled as well as the need to have role descriptions. We also suggest an annual renewable service commitment. As with most ministries to men, we suggest a structure where by the Ministry to Men team ministers under the authority of the Ministry leader who in turn ministers under the authority of the Pastor.
Man Friendly: Over time, many churches have taken on a feministic approach to ministry. We take the approach of author, Davis Murrow in his book, "Why Men Hate Going to Church". In our training and discussions, we reccomend you use Davids resources in creating a more male friendly atmosphere. In fact, David's ministry and website, www.churchformen.com, has a "Guy Friendly Test" that you can download and use.
Multiple Entry Points: Since men are all in different relationships with Christ, we must have various entry points through which to attract men into our "Mission Driven Ministry For Men"
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